Ed Stein to end ‘Freshly Squeezed’ in October

Today’s Freshly Squeezed.

Ed Stein, creator of Freshly Squeezed, tells me that he has decided to retire his strip. The last strip runs October 19. Freshly Squeezed originates in The Rocky Mountain News as Denver Square and was one of the few local comics running in a daily newspaper. When The News closed, Ed relaunched the comic as the syndicated strip Freshly Squeezed. As Ed tells me, “Well, I?ve decided to quit drawing Freshly Squeezed; After 36 years of meeting daily deadlines it?s time to do something on my own schedule.” He also tells me he’s already working on that new “something,” but is keeping it under wraps at the moment.

Good luck, Ed. Can’t wait to see what’s in the works.

12 thoughts on “Ed Stein to end ‘Freshly Squeezed’ in October

  1. If I am remembering correctly Freshly Squeezed was the last strip signed by United Feature Syndicate. After 2010 UFS distribution was taken over by Universal Uclick and UFS has never taken on another strip after that.

  2. Freshly Squeezed was more than just pulp fiction. It was an excellent strip – very different from his political cartoons.

  3. UFS is no longer a working syndicate. All of its employees were let go. EW Scripps primarily maintains all of it clients on contract until those terms expire. Most of the clients’ strips, like Luann, Frazz, and Jumpstart, have signed new contracts with Universal. Eventually, United Media will exist in name only. It is slowly fading away.

  4. No hate, but two words: Bad Idea. My favourite comic. One of the only things that gets me up in the morning. This is directed to you, Ed Stein. I don’t know if you can do anything to bring it back, but Im not going to lie. One of my favourite things to do is read comics, And that one was definitely a gold star winner. I’m literally begging for you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back freshly squeezed. I believe that you can, and will. -Unkown

  5. Ed, Freshly Squeezed was a favorite, so much so that when it vanished from the Denver Post I chased it to Go Comics in hopes that its absence was just a result of the Post’s stupidity. Alas I learn that it was you who stopped it! May it or something as wise be again be coming from you. Thank you for what was.

  6. Freshley Squeezed was the only comic I looked forward to reading.Thank You, for all the laughs.

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