Did you like LEGO movie? Expect at least two more

The LEGO Movie surprised everyone with its box office success. As with all things in Hollywood, if the first movie goes well – make another. And another. And another. So expect a few more LEGO movies in the next few years.

From Animation Magazine:

WB previously announced that The LEGO Movie 2, to be directed by Chris McKay with Lord and Miller producing, will come out May 26, 2017. The studio also has scheduled a September 23, 2016 opening for its LEGO Ninjago feature (directed by TV animation veteran Charlie Bean). It?s speculated that the studio?s staked May 24, 2019 is being held in anticipation of a third LEGO installment, while if all goes well a Ninjago sequel will take the 2018 slot.

That’s possibly four more LEGO movies in the next five years. Can anyone think of a movie series or franchise that has done well over the course of five movies?