Daryl Cagle compares reaction to two cartoons on Israel/Gaza issue

Interesting post by Daryl Cagle wherein he essentially draws the same cartoon twice – once during the Israeli blockade of Gaza (2010) and recently regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict. Only subtle changes were made in the cartoon depicting Israel, but the latter one is getting much more attention:

Here’s the one drawn a few years ago:

And here’s his most recent:

Daryl reports the complaints to the new one are can be broken down to:

  • Helmet looks like a German Nazi helmet
  • Soldier nose is too big
  • Star of David alone signifies all Jews, using the Israeli flag would have been better.

3 thoughts on “Daryl Cagle compares reaction to two cartoons on Israel/Gaza issue

  1. At least Daryl Cagle, unlike Rob Rogers, Ann Telnaes and Pat Bagley, the other cartoonists whose cartoons on the subject are discussed on this site, represents Hamas as having some responsibility for creating the situation. So even though it’s a not particularly good, recycled idea and the Israelis’ helmet looks awfully Nazi-ish, I say kudos.

  2. The ADF helmet has a crazy fly screen or something on it?

    What is with that?

    Daryl – cartoonists use symbolism and hyperbole, and are always thin on the detail that pedants so love to eat for breakfast.

    It’s a clever cartoon! A very clever cartoon for despite the ADF’s clear objectives, they’ve certainly incurred some self harm in their success thereof.

    If not only the dread loss of dearly loved soldiers.

    How better show this in an image?

    Go the ADF?

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