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Amy Lago to do portfolio reviews at 2014 Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Amy Lago, Washington Post Writer’s Group Comics Editor, will be at this year’s 2014 Kenosha Festival of Cartooning and providing portfolio reviews for aspiring professional cartoonists. If you’re planning to attend and would like this opportunity to have your work reviewed by one of the best editors in the business, you need to register first for the festival and then pay a $50 fee. There are only 9 slots available, and they’re scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit the 2014 Kenosha Festival of Cartooning for more details.

Community Comments

#1 Anne Morse Hambrock
@ 11:06 am


Thanks for the mention! Spots are going fast – only 3 left!

#2 Anne Morse Hambrock
@ 5:41 pm

And all spots are officially taken!

Thanks so much to Amy and Washington Post Writer’s Group for making this opportunity happen for cartoonists attending the festival!!

#3 Mike Cope
@ 7:13 pm

This festival just keeps getting better and better. Looking very forward to experiencing it all again!

#4 Rob Nesbitt
@ 6:15 pm

Looks like I will have to wait till 2015! Are there any similar events available in the next six months?

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