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THIS makes me wish I was going to SDCC

I don’t wish I was going to San Diego Comic-Con (I have a natural aversion to large crowds of grown people acting like children. P.S. Get off my lawn.), but this t-shirt by the The National Cartoonists Society makes me wish I was there so I could buy one. Features artwork by Bill Amend, Sergio Aragonés, Jim Borgman, Jack Davis (!!), Jeff Keane, Rick Kirkman, Patrick McDonnell, Bill Morrison, Mike Peters, Tom Richmond, Stan Sakai, Jerry Scott and Garry Trudeau. For those of you attending, head over to booth #1307 before they sell out.

Via Tom Richmond

Community Comments

#1 Steve McGarry
@ 10:46 am

The shirts are available through the NCS website: as are a limited number of NCS Comic-Con shirts from previous years. There is also a big feature on them in the new NCS digital magazine.

#2 Tim Fisher
@ 1:33 pm

Steve McGarry: Thanks for the link. It looks like the new one isn’t for sale on the website yet (or at least I couldn’t find the right place). I I really liked looking at the previous years’ designs, though!

#3 Joel Bader
@ 1:48 pm

Thanks for sharing this website. This proves that the action comics can be comic-al!!

#4 Mike simon
@ 2:20 pm

I’d order the batman shirt when you make it availAble…

#5 Tom Richmond
@ 4:38 pm

It will be available on the website sometime after SDCC is over!

#6 Lisa Rothstein
@ 2:12 pm

I am in San Diego and am GOING Alan (I’ve got to get some work done but will be getting my badge later today and will be there all weekend) so if u can’t wait for the shirt, email me or text me at 310-279-9039 and I’ll make it happen!

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