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Newsday hires Matt Davies

Fabulous news from Newsday. The paper has hired Pulitzer Prize-winning Matt Davies as their new staff editorial cartoonist. He’ll begin his job in September. Rita Ciolli, editor of Newsday’s editorial pages, called Matt “a singular talent in the cartooning world”. Matt replaces Walt Handelsman who left the paper for The Advocate in New Orleans.

Community Comments

#1 Ann Telnaes
@ 12:04 pm

Great news about a great cartoonist! Very happy for Matt.

#2 Phil Hands
@ 12:27 pm

That’s amazing news. I can’t believe how long it took to for someone to hire Matt. He is one of the best.

#3 Mike Lester
@ 12:32 pm

Tremendous news. Human graphix paper w/ a unique one-of-a-kind delivery. A helluva nice guy to boot. And not for nothing a glimmer of hope for newspapers and staff jobs. Cheers!

#4 Daniel Boris
@ 1:00 pm

Congrats, Matt!
Well deserved!

#5 Nate Beeler
@ 3:50 pm

Congratulations, Matt! Glad to see a wrong finally righted. It’s wonderful news not only for you and your family, but also for cartooning and Newsday’s readers. Looking forward to again seeing the editorial cartoons on a daily basis!

#6 Wes Rand
@ 4:26 pm

That is fantastic news! Hope you have a long career there!

#7 Scott Stantis
@ 10:18 pm

This is good for Matt and great for our profession. Let’s all hope this is an example of newspapers coming to their senses and recognize the simple truth that readers, either online or in print, crave good editorial cartoons more than another editorial.

#8 Darrin Bell
@ 12:36 pm

Great news and well-deserved. It would be even better news if we were talking about a newly-created position at a paper instead of an existing spot being filled, but I’ll take what I can get.

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