Video: Jim Davis drawing Garfield with a Cintiq

Late last year, Stephan Pastis and Scott Adams did a video bit pimping Wacom?s Cintiq Companion. Now Garfield creator Jim Davis is doing the same for the Wacom Cintiq. That Jim is using a a Cintiq doesn’t surprise me. When he was at the Reuben Awards in Las Vegas two years ago, he mentioned that the whole PAWS studio was completely digital.

3 thoughts on “Video: Jim Davis drawing Garfield with a Cintiq

  1. On a tour of Jim Davis’ studio, probably 8 years or so ago, Jim showed us a large cardboard box full of his sketches. He said he tosses his sketches in there and those will be used to put his grandkids through college. One of the downfalls of using a Cintiq, no originals.

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