Review: Surface Pro 2 vs Cintiq Companion

Jonathan Hill spent two weeks with Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8 and the Cintiq Companion. He breaks down his experience on his blog:

Ever since I got wind about these tablets that are running full Windows 8 and have pressure sensitive screens, I sold my laptop and decided to jump all over that. It was going to be between the Surface Pro 2 and the Cintiq Companion, but which one was it going to be? I?ve spent the last two weeks with both of them and figured I?d post my experience here.

4 thoughts on “Review: Surface Pro 2 vs Cintiq Companion

  1. The Cintiq Companion Hybrid is slightly lighter than the Windows version (Cintiq Companion). He mentions there the Windows version was lighter- it’s not. It’s 3.9lbs, whereas the Hybrid is about 3.6lbs.

    I’ve been using the Hybrid since pre-release last year and highly recommend it. I can’t stand Windows, but it is the better product-For Drawing.

    For all the other computing stuff, the Surface Pro is better, but you have to remember, Wacom isn’t a computer company. Same as Microsoft isn’t a drawing tablet company. They each have their strengths.

    It’s a great review – (thanks for posting it, Jonathan) .

  2. I bought a Cintiq Companion (Windows version) a few weeks ago. I had debated about getting a new MacBook and 13HD Cintiq, but the ability to carry an all-in-one device running on battery power sold me. Didn’t go with the Hybrid Companion because I needed to run full versions of Photoshop and Manga Studio.

    Took it this past weekend to the Reubens and was able to comfortably ink freelance work at the airport, during flights, and in the hotel. Could never do THAT with traditional pen & ink!

    It’s a great device. Sucks that it doesn’t run OSX, but if you are debating between a larger Cintiq or the Companion, the true portability of this machine is something to seriously consider.

  3. I was given the Windows Companion to review, but to be honest I just can’t use Photoshop on it. Lines are jittery, curves are made up of small straight lines. It’s a dealbreaker, as that’s the only program I use to draw.

    Note that this is not a Wacom issue, but a Windows + Photoshop problem. The other apps were nice and smooth.

    So it’s gathered dust for a few months, and I’m waiting on a Hybrid replacement. I’ve seen Jas in action on his, and it looks way nice.

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