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Interviewed: Caitlin McGurk on OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

Fox28 visits The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and talks to Caitlin McGurk about the amazing library/museum.

Community Comments

#1 Michael Pohrer
@ 11:50 am

Ha! You would think the reporter would of actually done a little research before going on air. Pretty much clueless.

#2 Anne Morse Hambrock
@ 1:41 pm

“Where is all the Calvin and Hobbes – I don’t really care about any of this other s$%^”

Sorry – but that’s how it sounded to me :-(

#3 Anne Morse Hambrock
@ 1:42 pm

Kudos to Caitlin for her graciousness though.

#4 Michael Pohrer
@ 8:05 pm

Totally awesome collection. Agree with Anne Caitlin is a Top Shelf individual.

#5 Mike Lester
@ 6:54 am

Thanks for posting this. I am constantly in need of real life nitwits like Mr. Turtle the 6AM Weather Dick to mock. Caitlin was undeservedly polite and poised.

One more thing, this is written on the card beside Chester Gould’s drawing table:

“Notice the black charred area on it’s right edge. Gould used to light kitchen matches by striking them on the drawing board. He would then hold the flame from the match under the large black ink areas of his comic strips to speed up the drying process.”

Are you kidding me? Amazing. I’d love to see this exhibit.

#6 John Lotshaw
@ 7:19 am

That was like watching a report filed by Fred Schneider of the B-52s… “Beetle and Bailey”?!?

Whataboob… That’s why he’s doing morning TV…

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