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Cory Thomas announces end of syndicated Watch Your Head

Cory Thomas, creator of Watch Your Head announced on the strip’s Facebook page that it will be coming to an end as a syndicated comic on May 31st. Cory will be rebooting the strip as a web only feature on August 4.

From the post:

It’s a better fit for the daring PG-13, larger-than-stamps action I’d rather be creating.

So this will be WYH starting over from Day One. Mostly the same characters, but different and heading in new directions.

So, if you came to the original strip late but were never really sure about what was going on, now you get to hop on at the ground floor. Actually, no. Stop hopping. Just walk like a person.

Here’s the URL where it will be relaunched, and below is a teaser strip. Obviously, he’s changing up the format, which I think plays well to his writing and art skills.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 7:40 pm

Such a great graphic style for the comics page, but will be great to see what Cory does with the unrestricted freedom.

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 8:12 pm

Next I hope Get Fuzzy ends for good.

#3 Mike Curtis
@ 7:27 pm

I have enjoyed WATCH YOUR HEAD from Day one. I will be sorry to see some of the characters revert, especially Dana.
But Cory hasn’t disappointed me yet.

#4 JLG
@ 2:41 am

Interesting decision to start over. I’ve never had a chance to read the strip much in papers but I’ve always appreciated that something so stylistically out of the ordinary has been syndicated this long.

#5 Cory Thomas
@ 11:52 am

If you’re a fan of Dana, you’ll be happy, Mike. Appreciate the compliments, guys. Darryl, be nice to Get Fuzzy.

#6 Mike Curtis
@ 8:33 am

Thanks Cory, it’s a pleasure to tell you finally how much I enjoy WATCH YOUR HEAD. I think you draw hands down some of the most expressive faces in comics. And the writing is top notch.

#7 Mary Alderson
@ 7:47 am

Thank you for WYH, Cory. When I first began reading it a year or so ago, I found it hard to follow but I got the hang of it and loved it.

#8 Benjamin D. Watkins III
@ 8:06 am

Huge fan, been reading for several years!!! Disappointed at first because I really enjoyed all of the characters growth, but very excited to see the new beginning!

#9 Dave Stephens
@ 2:26 am

Link be broke.

Great art – Cory, you’ve got true skills. Looking forward to more excellence…

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