New York Post drops comics page

I’ve had a couple of reports and seen some tweets saying that the New York Post has eliminated their comics page – their entire page that ran anywhere from 7-9 comics. I haven’t seen any official articles from the Post explaining their decision. If anyone knows what’s going on, please send me a link.

Update: Jim Romenesko has confirmed that the NY Post has indeed dropped their comics page containing seven comics.

15 thoughts on “New York Post drops comics page

  1. I wish I could say it was a shame, but both the Daily News and the Post have pretty paltry comics pages. It’s always disappointing to flip through such a busy, overstuffed paper and come across their anemic comics page.

    But I have no direct knowledge of the comics being deleted. I do hope it’s not true.

  2. Well, gosh darnit to heck!
    They shouldn’t oughta have gone and done such a crappy thing! Well, screw ’em, I say!
    What a bunch of buttholes!
    Nuff sed!

  3. I went to the store and bought a copy of the Post. I looked at each page. It didn’t have comic strips in it.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve done any investigative journalism, but, boy, those skills come right back. (I didn’t tell anyone at Price Chopper why I was buying it!)

  4. No!!!!

    I don’t believe it. It wasn’t that great a section, but so what? This is terrible.

  5. Incidentally, I don’t like “The Wizard of Id,” but it’s always galled me how the paper holds the comics in such low regard that it can’t even be bothered to actually call the feature by its full name. It’s just been “Wizard” for years and years. It’s ridiculous. It’s bad enough when papers don’t run the creator bylines, but truncating the feature’s name? Not even for any space-saving reason? That’s just skeezy.

    @ Gerry: The Daily News’ section used to be much better, but a few years ago they cut an entire page out. And the Sunday comic section is much, much smaller than it was a decade ago.

  6. It’s like they hired a focus group to help them come up with the best way to prevent young people from caring about the newspaper.

  7. At the risk of sounding glib — oh, what the hell, I AM being glib — a comic section would arguably be the most sober-sided and serious-minded section of The Post.

  8. I honestly just bought the NY Post for the comics, even though they were few and small and not ever treated with respect. They were in a small corner of a page in black and white (about 7 of them).

    I would read the Post, the Daily News and Newsday, all for the comics. Even though I can read them online, there’s something about holding the newspaper in my hands.

    Out of the three tabloids, only Newsday has some sort of respect for the comics.

    Three large New Jersey papers, which you can get in Hoboken, one stop away from NY by train, have great comics sections. The Star Ledger, The Record and the Jersey Journal all have a bunch. Two have about 36 daily and one has 26.

  9. Darrin’s right. Did any of us start reading the newspaper with any section other than the comics page?

  10. Want to hope the New York Daily News picks up some of the withdrawn New York Post comics? Garfield would make a perfect Gasoline Alley replacement in the Daily News.

  11. Maybe they (i.e. newspapers in general) should re-think their advertising model and let specific advertisers sponsor specific cartoons. There could be a bug or line of text under the toon saying this cartoon brought to you be Acme Co. Etc. It?s all about money, right? I think advertisers would jump at the chance and that would help offset the cost to the paper, Maybe they would even start printing them larger again and have more pages of toons if the pages actually generated some revenue. Just a thought.

  12. They dropped them because the NY Post IS a comic! They don’t want the internal conflict.

    Now there’s more room for claptrap, cleavage and clever headlines about distractions from real news. At least the comics were SUPPOSED to be fiction.

    Now the Post’s worthwhile content is down to zero.

  13. Let’s hope this coming week:
    a) The New York post reinstates its 1 comics page thanks to the outcry.
    b) The New York Daily News picks up at least 1 of the dropped from the New York Post comics (My best bets: Garfield, Mallard Filmore, and Rhymes with Orange)

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