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Profiled: R Stevens and his new book Bacon is a Vegetable; Coffee is a Vitamin

R Stevens was profiled in Split Sider about his comic Diesel Sweeties and his latest book Bacon Is a Vegetable, Coffee Is a Vitamin TP.

You?ve been doing this for years and made thousands of comics. What?s the appeal of collecting some of them into themed books?

My work is way too scattered and unplanned to collect into complete books and expect a new person to understand it. I figured the entire run is free on the web for the completists. These books are my chance to look for patterns in my own thinking and make cohesive books out of them.

I do my comics for a midnight deadline every weeknight, so they tend to go all over the place depending on what?s on my mind. I love working to deadline. I give myself a few hours every night and follow my gut. I trash a lot of jokes at the last minute. It?s fun.

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