Charles Schulz’s Peanuts: Artist’s Edition on Sale at Amazon

At the end of this month, Charles Schulz’s Peanuts: Artist’s Edition will hit bookshelves. Retail is $150. Amazon is currently listing it at $97.51 – a pretty good discount for a newly (or soon to be) released book. The price guarantee also states that if the price of the book drops lower before it’s released, that’s what you’re charged (and they won’t charge you more if the price goes up).

I know we’ve discussed artist editions in earlier posts. Some like them, some think they’re not repurposed content sold at significantly higher prices. I’ll restate my view that in my early days, I learned a lot by studying originals when I attended conventions. It was very beneficial. Artist editions is a great way to explore the artist’s original works without the expense of traveling to an exhibit.