Podcast: Pat Bagley defacto ?opposition? to Utah Republicans

Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley talks about Utah politics with reporter Bryan Schott. The political spectrum here in Utah skews heavily toward conservative Republicans and by skews I mean Utah is essentially a one party system. Brian claims that Pat is the “defacto ‘opposition’ to the Republicans on Utah?s Capitol Hill because Utah’s Democratic Party doesn?t give much resistance” to which I’d have to agree. There’s not a large visible presence of liberal groups here in Utah, so Pat’s cartoons in the largest and most read newspaper in Utah carries weight disproportional to other cartoonists in other states with a more balanced political spectrum. It doesn’t hurt that he’s really good at it either.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Pat Bagley defacto ?opposition? to Utah Republicans

  1. PB is easily one of the best cartoonist (still) working today but that this posts at the same time the “KILL PRICKLY CITY” story posts is ironic-licious (sorry, channeling Homer).

    “We?ve become a society that dislikes any views contrary to our own ” -AG

    Technically true but there’s only one side trying to censor the other. What’s Scott doing to force people to read a strip they find so offensive they want him fired? Pat doesn’t seem to be having that problem.

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