Mark Parisi releases ‘Cartoons Your Cat Doesn’t Want You to See’ ebook

Off the Mark cartoonist Mark Parisi has a new eBook out perfectly themed for cat-lovers. The book is entitled Cartoons Your Cat Doesn’t Want You to See. Even if you’re not a cat-lover, Mark’s an ace cartoonist.

From the book:

Mark uses his zany sense of humor to illuminate the mysteries of the feline species while simultaneously launching us into throes of laughter. He spills their secrets in his hilarious cartoons even though, undoubtedly, cats would prefer he didn’t. Cats want to be laughed at about as much as they want to take a flea bath. Cats take themselves seriously and we’re serious when we say you are going to be delighted by these cartoons centered around our whiskered friend, the house cat.

The eBook are available through a wider range of online book stores such as Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Copia, Sony and Scribd to name a few.

6 thoughts on “Mark Parisi releases ‘Cartoons Your Cat Doesn’t Want You to See’ ebook

  1. Mark’s ebook went to no 11 on Kindle’s top 100 within 24 hours. It was no.2 behind Garfield in the hot new releases category too. It’s like I always say, cat books sell! Check out all his other seller outlets,12 total at Fun-E-Books.

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