Superhero’s salaries (Don’t go into journalism)

I make more than Peter Parker, but less than Tony Stark. Guess I’m doing okay.


3 thoughts on “Superhero’s salaries (Don’t go into journalism)

  1. I’m a few months behind in reading Spider-Man comic books, but that figure is out of date. For several years now, Peter has been working at this huge science research and invention and, even without a doctorate, has been making several times what that article indicates. In the comic books, he’s not taking photos and J. Jonah Jameson is the mayor of New York.

  2. Yes, but is that Peter Parker or the clone of Peter Parker? Or is it an alien symbiote in Peter Parker form? Or, in a few more issues, will Mary Jane wake up in bed and hear the shower running, and find real Peter Parker in there saying the last 20 years has been a dream?

  3. Believe it or not, it’s currently Doctor Octopus in Peter Parker’s body. It’s been that way for the past year and made for some oddly intriguing stories. But all will be back to “normal” before the next movie hits.

    To be hopelessly trivial…

    There are multiple Peter Parkers these days.

    Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon has a teenage Peter working with Nick Fury and four other young heroes.

    In Marvel’s “Ultimate Universe,” Parker died a while back and was replaced by a younger Spider-Man.

    In the comic strip, Parker is still married to Mary Jane…and selling photos to Jameson.

    In the universe of Spider-Girl, Parker and MJ have a daughter with spider-powers and Peter has an artificial leg.

    There’s also a Spider-Man 2099 in there somewhere.

    It’s like one of those General Mills variety packs with little boxes of different cereals.

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