Check out Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day blog

I’m a bit behind on this, but no less excited that Mike Peterson is this week’s sponsor of the blog. If you’re a regular here, you know Mike is an active participant in the comments. What you may not know is that for the last four years he’s been maintaining his own daily blog called Comic Strip of The Day wherein he reads about 120 comics each day and blogs about the ones that were notably funny or impressive. I don’t read a lot of comic commentary blogs, but I make an exception for Mike’s Comic Strip of the Day.

4 thoughts on “Check out Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day blog

  1. I try never to miss Mike’s commentary. His years as a journalist mean that his writing is top notch.

    It is so refreshing to find intelligent, non-snarky commentary about comics from someone who not only understands them but respects them.

    It’s a piece of cake to slice and dice a comic and tear it to pieces. It takes true commitment to read as many comics as Mike does, write up insightful commentary, and get the whole thing posted by 7:00 am!

    Thanks Mike!

  2. Nice mention, Alan. What I especially appreciate about Mike’s blog is that he often finds interesting connections among comics, and uses them as springboards for well-crafted essays that sometimes range far-afield. As Anne said, he’s a good writer who really knows and respects comics.

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