Ecuadorian cartoonist censored for “harmful” image of president

Ecuadorian cartoonist Xavier Bonilla was censored by a media watch dog group for a cartoon he drew that the group called “harmful to President Rafael Correa”.

From the Global Post:

Xavier Bonilla, who produces cartoons for the El Universo newspaper, said he had been a victim an “abuse of power” following the move by the regulatory body.

The official press watchdog, decried by the opposition as a government censor, gave the cartoonist 72 hours to “correct” his work, according to the ruling.

2 thoughts on “Ecuadorian cartoonist censored for “harmful” image of president

  1. What is going on with Ecuadorian government? I thought it was the land of ?buen vivir?, but seems that is the good living is just if the citizen doesn`t disagree with the main political power?

  2. It is amazing what is being said in the media. The cartoonist Bonil was sentenced for lying in a cartoon and repeat, without questioning the veracity of the information, told by an opposition politician haunted by the Ecuadorian courts. In our country we have laws.

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