Check out Watterson, Schulz snowman comics

Dave Coate has an excellent round-up of comic strips by legendary cartoonists Charles Schulz and Bill Watterson on the theme of snowmen. Snowmen have so much potential for humor and both cartoonists mined it well.

Here’s a sample.

4 thoughts on “Check out Watterson, Schulz snowman comics

  1. And Schulz, as usual, was there first. Unless there were snowmen comics before him?

    I’ve seen most of the Schulz and Watterson snowmen, but it’s fun to see them side by side. More so than Schulz, I think Watterson used the snowmen to express Calvin’s character. Not until I saw some of Calvin’s creatures did I think he might have dangerous tendencies. I mean at one point one of the parents suggested he see a psychologist. :- )

  2. I can still vividly remember the very first C&H cartoon I ever saw where Calvin built snowmen in front of a park car. One snowman appeared to be hit by the car and the other snowmen where horrified. Calvin’s father was standing in the front window, cup of coffee in hand saying ” We gotta get that kid some help”
    I was hooked.

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