Frozen, Despicable Me 2 tie for two Oscar nominations

Earlier this week I posted a link over to which speculated the odds of this year’s crop of animated features winning Oscar awards. As predicted, no animation feature was nominated for best picture. AND as calculated, Frozen was nominated in two categories – Original song and Animated feature film (that last category wasn’t exactly stretching the brain , let’s be honest). Looking at the nominations list, Despicable Me 2 was nominated in the same two categories.

But let’s see what was nominated (via the LA Times):

Features nominated for this year’s best Animated feature film:
?The Croods?
?Despicable Me 2?
?Ernest & Celestine?
?The Wind Rises?

Original song:
?Alone Yet Not Alone? from ?Alone Yet Not Alone?
?Happy? from ?Despicable Me 2?
?Let It Go? from ?Frozen?
?The Moon Song? from ?Her?
?Ordinary Love? from ?Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom?

While I’m a fan of Frozen, I’m not sure I agree with the original song nomination. “Let it Go” is a nice song, but it’s Disney. I mean formulaic. Don’t believe me? Watch the parody video below. Warning: contains swearing. “You know how damn Disney songs wind up, They open low and finish high”

Last but not least, in the Animated short film category, the nominees are:
?Get a Horse!?
?Mr. Hublot?
?Room on the Broom?

The awards will be televised March 2.