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Shia LaBeouf receives cease and desist letter from Daniel Clowes lawyers

Proving again why some celebrities should have to take classes and be licensed to have a Twitter account, Shia LaBeouf tweeted a photo of his next project entitled “Daniel Boring” with the hashtag “#original”. What might have been a really, really, really bad attempt at humor is blowing up (again) because “Daniel Boring” and the storyboards used in LaBeouf’s photo are direct title and images from Daniel Clowes graphic novel released in 2000. That lead to a very quick cease and desist letter from Daniel’s attorney’s demanding that LaBeouf “cease and desist from any further acts of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, conversation, and other malicious wrong with Mr. Clowes and his works.” In other words – stop copying Daniels stuff and shut the —- up.

You can read the C&D letter at Huffington Post. It ends saying Clowes is keeping all legal options open if LaBeouf keeps up his antics.

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 1:01 pm

I think I might send him a cease and desist letter, too. Shia LaBeouf is a recurring bad dream.

#2 Donald Rex
@ 8:31 pm

I intend to return to cartooning with my original characters Spider-Eightball and Adrian-Opticnerve cause nineties indie icons are here for us to harvest. Amen

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