Video: Dan Piraro, “Back in the old days…”

Entertaining five minute piece where Bizarro creator Dan Piraro recounts the process of creating a comic in the pre-digital era.

4 thoughts on “Video: Dan Piraro, “Back in the old days…”

  1. Good stuff. Where did that footage come from? I remember there was going to be a movie called “Stripped” that a few of us helped Kickstart. But that was back in 2011.

  2. One of our graphic designers had never heard of amberlith, so I brought a surviving sheet I found in a drawer at home into work … as I rolled it out, it occurred to me it was older than she was.

  3. It’s kinda nice to have gone through the rubylith, photostat machine, zipatone, transfer lettering, paste-up days and also experience the computer, Cintiq, Photoshop side of things as well.

    I’m grateful for the days spent in a darkroom developing film and printing photos. Also thankful to have a digital camera and not have to worry about how many shots I have on a roll of film.

    Now get off my lawn!

  4. For me, the biggest advantage for growing up in the “tangible” era is perspective. When, say, Adobe InDesign isn’t behaving I can always console myself with “well, at least it’s not 2:00 AM and I can’t find any more sticks for the waxer so I can paste up galleys on the lightboard.” The good ol’ days weren’t all good either (although I do miss that waxy smell).

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