Matt Bors announces new line up of The Nib cartoonists

Matt Bors, who edits The Nib, over on Medium, has announced a new line up of regular cartoonists for 2014. Cartoonists include: Liza Donnelly, Rich Stevens, Ruben Bolling, Emily Flake, Brian McFadden, Zach Weiner, J.J. McCullough, Tom Tomorrow, Jen Sorensen, Scott Bateman, Erika Moen, Ryan Pequin, Ted Rall and Shannon Wheeler.

And wait – there’s more…

I’ll also be publishing longer comics journalism and non-fiction every week. Susie Cagle will be contributing twice a month, covering the influx of Silicon Valley tech money that’s riling and reshaping the San Francisco Bay Area, from its streets to its culture. Andy Warner will be posting his series “Brief Histories of Everyday Objects” as well as comics journalism examining the odd, the obscure and the eccentric, like today’s comic, “Australia is a Gigantic Sponge.”

Julia Wertz will be contributing autobiography. There will be new comics journalism from Josh Neufeld. Keith Knight will be contributing an original comic every month and I’ll be running editorial cartoons from Signe Wilkinson, Adam Zyglis, Pat Bagley, and Mike Lester.

There will be comics this year from Sarah Glidden, Lucy Bellwood, Darryl Holliday and Erik Rodriguez, Ron Wimberly, Blue Delliquanti, Jess Ruliffson, Zohar Lazar, Leigh Cowart and Jeannette Langmead, Jon Rosenberg, Wendy MacNaughton, Jack Ohman, Emi Gennis, and John Martz.

A very strong line-up. And I hear Matt even pays his cartoonists too!