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Podcast: Tom Racine interviews KAL

Tom Racine has released a three part Tall Tale Radio podcast with The Economist editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher.

From Tom:

  • Kevin Kallaugher, or KAL, world famous editorial cartoonist and caricaturist of ?The Economist? and ?The Baltimore Sun,? talks to Tall Tale Radio about his early days and influences, how he went from scraping wallpaper off of a schoolroom wall to working as an artist, and how a 5? 9? kid from America ended up coaching and playing basketball in Brighton, England. You can get a copy of his recent book he published via a super-successful Kickstarter campaign, ?Daggers Drawn: 35 Years of KAL Cartoons in The Economist? right here!
  • You can listen to the podcast at

    Community Comments

    #1 G Louis Johnson
    @ 11:12 am

    I really enjoyed this interview very much. KAL has had an amazing career. Tom went 90 minutes with this one and covered a lot of ground.

    #2 Tom Racine
    @ 11:26 am

    You know you’re dealing with someone interesting and formidable when you’re 90 minutes in and half your questions are still on the paper unasked. :)

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