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Donna Barstow asking Google to delist site posting her cartoons

Editorial cartoonist Donna Barstow is allegedly asking Google to delist sites that have posted her cartoons – most notably a particular site that posted it to critique it.

From Boing Boing:

Now, nearly 18 months on, Barstow apparently used Google’s takedown tool to request that it remove links to former federal prosecutor Ken “Popehat” White’s stern critique of her legal ignorance?a page that now ranks #2

The request claims that Popehat published her “private information”, but the only private information concerned is her own signature, as found on her cartoon strips, as published very widely?and not just by her critics.

I’m a bit perplexed by this move. I think the only thing being accomplished is fanning the flames of her harshest critics.

Community Comments

#1 Clay Jones
@ 4:05 pm

I’m sure there are details I’m not aware of in this case, but I gotta tell you it comes off as thin skinned, and not very smart.

Editorial cartoonists, all cartoonists and writers and anyone creative shouldn’t only live with criticism, but accept it and encourage it.

If you can dish it out you should damn well be able to take it.

#2 Grigoriy Kogan
@ 8:33 pm

That’s pretty meaningless. Posting material for purposes of critique is considered Fair Use… Not sure what she thinks she’s going to accomplish with this.

#3 Clay Jones
@ 9:52 pm

It is fair use.

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