Will Family Guy’s Brian be revived in new TV show?

Sunday’s Family Guy episode revolved around the death of the Brian character. There’s been a goodly size reaction from fans – over 91,000 fans have signed a petition asking that the character be brought back.

One blogger reports that the reaction has caused conversations over at Fox about creating a spin-off show for the Brian.

Family Guy?s creative team is scrambling, following massive public outcry over the death of Brian Griffin, a Fox source tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. In fact, we?re told that fans? overwhelming response could prompt a return from the beloved pooch ? perhaps in the form of a spin-off series.

?They didn?t anticipate this much negative outcry over the death of Brian,? our source reveals. ?And they didn?t initially have thoughts of doing a spin-off show, but now, those discussions have started ever so slightly. It?s nowhere [near] a lock, but a discussion has [happened.]?

Spin-off or not, two more upcoming episodes are going to about the Brian character if the episode titles are any hint: “Brian’s a Bad Father” and “Brian’s Got Back.”

Here’s the poignant moment in Sunday’s Family Guy episode.

3 thoughts on “Will Family Guy’s Brian be revived in new TV show?

  1. Killing Brian was the stupidest thing they ever did. Bring him back, forget about giving him another show. He belongs with Stewie on Family Guy!

  2. I must have been asleep or living under a rock – what the heck prompted them to kill Brian off? I would agree with Tom – a pretty stupid move.

  3. This isn’t Game of Thrones what where they thinking? The next thing you know they will be killing off more popular characters on Walking Dead.

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