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A BIG, BIG thanks to everyone!

I went to bed last night $30 shy of $8,000 (I’m also counting a $150 analog donation that came in the mail) in this year’s Fund The Daily Cartoonist drive. Somewhere in the last 30 minutes another donation came in that pushed the total above $8,000. Considering that this one campaign total surpasses all of my donation drives combined, I can’t be anything more than over the moon. I’m humbled by the support – both by those who donated money and those who donated books, sketches, art, podcasts, software as the incentives. I doubt the success would have been anywhere close.

I’ll start the fulfillment efforts underway for those who claimed perks.

Thank you everyone again. Just can’t say thank you enough!

Community Comments

#1 Keith Brown
@ 11:01 am

Hooray! Congrats Alan!

#2 Tyson Cole
@ 1:04 pm

You provide a valuable service to the comics industry and deserve compensation!

#3 Chris Sparks
@ 1:24 pm

Thanks for all you do Sir!

#4 Brian Ponshock
@ 6:17 pm

You do a great job & deserve it. Keep up the great work!

#5 Steve Hubbell
@ 1:55 am

Awesome news!

You provide both news and links, there is so much stuff happening out there that would get overlooked otherwise.

#6 Will Wilson
@ 1:52 pm

Well deserved

#7 Stacy Curtis
@ 4:00 pm

Now get to work! :-)

#8 Joe Engesser
@ 4:50 pm

Best in the biz!

#9 Andy Anderson
@ 9:21 pm

You’ve earned it – thanks for all you do.

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