Last day of Fund The Daily Cartoonist!!

Today is the last day to contribute to Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign.

My goals for 2014 is to make a dramatic improvement in the delivery and volume of news of interest. You can read how I’m specifically going to do that on the campaign website. It’s going to take a significant sustained investment of time on my behalf to achieve this. Historically the financial compensation for running the blog is less than minimum wage – even less than the minimum wage in the early 90’s when I was starting college.

So if you’re a regular reader of the blog, please head over and donate. There are several donation levels available. Below is what are the perks as of 8:00 am (mountain). Campaign ends at midnight tonight. You donation is much appreciated!

Perks –
1) The Complete Far Side – $125 (less than Amazon right now)
1) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes – $100
2) Celebrating Peanuts – $100
24) The Argyle Sweater 2014 Calendar – $25
1) Limited Edition Wages of Sin and signed print – $25
23) The Fuzzy Bunch (Get Fuzzy paper back collection) – $25
18) The Mighty Alice (Cul de Sac paper back collection) – $25
18) Reheating Lio (Lio paper back collection) – $25
5) When He was my Age – (My Guardian Grandpa collection) – $25
5) My Guardian Grandpa – (My Guardian Grandpa collection) – $25
3) King Feature 2014 Calendar – $15
18) Holiday and Office Stock Art – $5

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