Introducing the FundTDC Bonus Perk: The Best of Alan’s personal cartoons

You might not know that I was an editorial cartoonist for several years and developed a comic strip (two actually). When the triplets came, I put away my pen and ink and went into the corporate world for the benefit of a steady salary. I still do occasional cartoons and illustrations, but most of my stuff has been stored away.

This year’s campaign has blown me away by the generosity of so many people who have donated incentives or money. I admit I thought $5,000 was not obtainable. The most I’d raised in previous years was about $3,500. With less than three days left in the current campaign, I’m optimistic that $8,000 is achievable with a last-minute push.

To help get us there, I’m going to offer a bonus perk to anyone who donates today through the close of the campaign, OR if you’ve already donated and you increase your donation by at least $10 I’ll send you an eBook (formatted for tablet, desktop) of my best work over the years with running commentary. Editorial cartoons, comics, panels, illustrations.

I’d be excited to put this together for you. I’m going to “hire” my kids to do the scanning. It will be fun to introduce them to some of my work that they’ve never seen and tell them some of the backstories and outrage some of the cartoons generated.

So head over – donate if you haven’t already, or if you have, increase your donation by at least $10 and this never seen collection is yours.

Here’s a sample of my cartoons. The collection will include:

My early stuff (both comic strip and editorial) – at least the interesting stuff that stood out either because it was good, or because of the reaction it generated

My Christmas cartoons

My college cartoon that earned put me on the finalist list for the Charles M. Schulz award for best college cartoonist

My first submission to the syndicates

And several comic strips that I explored (like the one about becoming a parent of a set of triplets)

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