Reminder: I’m offering an Original Jeff MacNelly Shoe as a donation incentive at noon

A friendly reminder – today at noon (Mountain standard time), I will be creating a perk for an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe for a donation of $1,000 to my Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign. If $1000 is too steep for you, you can gamble and wait a day. If nobody claims it, I’ll repost it tomorrow for $50 less and repeat until somebody claims it with a donation. The question you have to ask is how long can you hold out? Each day the donation level decreases, but the chance someone will claim it goes up as the price goes down.

To see a larger view of the cartoon, click here.

As always, there are many other incentives in the form of books, calendars, stock art, GoComic and DailyInk subscriptions that are available.