Now available: Jeff MacNelly Shoe original art

Thanks to the generosity of Susie MacNelly, a lucky donor to the Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign will receive an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe comic strip. The publication date is March 3, 1989 and the topic of the strip is timeless. If you’re a fan of Jeff’s (who isn’t?), this would be a great addition to your collection.

The “Original Jeff MacNelly” perk has now been posted. The donation level is $1,000 for this original art. If it is not claimed today, I’ll repost it tomorrow morning at 9:00 am (mountain time) for $950. Each day it’s not claimed, I’ll decrease the donation level amount by $50. The lower the donation level, the higher the chance someone will claim it, so don’t wait too long.

Click for larger view

Thank you, Susie for providing this amazing opportunity to one of my supporters.

4 thoughts on “Now available: Jeff MacNelly Shoe original art

  1. That’s twice the “reverse auction” approach has failed. Call me crazy but maybe you should try the reverse of the reverse auction and see what happens.

  2. You are crazy like a fox Mr. Lester.

    I would say you have reached your initial fundraising goal Mr. Gardner. Congratulations!

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