#fundTDC: New perks and incentives for week two

Over the weekend, I was offered the opportunity to add an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe comic strip as an incentive. I thought I had put the donation value high, but apparently not too high – it was claimed within an hour. I’m jealous of the person who claimed it, but immensely happy – it’s going to a good home.

I’m going to start the second week a day early with another round of incentives/perks that I couldn’t fit in last week. Much thanks goes to Michael Jantze who is offering up a signed book and sketch.

Tom Heintjes has graciously offered issues #10-19 of Hogan’s Alley – a quarterly magazine on comics and cartooning. Bought individually, you’d pay over $75 for them.

The fine folks over at Abrams Books for Young Readers have donated a set of Diary of a Wimpy Kid paper products that will be perfect stocking-stuffers or gifts for a young reader in your life. Package includes a journal, magnetic pads, and large and mini notebook.

Teased in last week’s announcements, but just now available – Nathan J. DiPerri’s two books When He Was My Age and My Guardian Grandpa. He’s increased the number of books available. There are now five copies of each of the books.

Also teased last week is a great opportunity to pick up digital stock art by James Francis for the holidays.

Back by demand – I’m offering another round of 10 exclusive advertising/sponsorship packages.

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