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My annual fundraiser is now live, head over to Indiegogo to support The Daily Cartoonist

Last week I announced major changes for The Daily Cartoonist in the coming year. With that announcement was a mention that I’d be using Indiegogo to run my mostly-annual fund-drive. I launched that campaign today. You can head over there now to see the awesome incentives that have been provided by friends of the blog.

Just to mention a few of the big ones – every donor will receive a one-year GoComics PRO subscription or a DailyINK membership (some conditions apply). There are signed original art, sketches, soft and hard cover comic collections, calendars, stock art, and a generous donation by Smith Micro for a copy of Manga Studio 5, MotionArtist, Anime Studio Pro. Tom Racine is also donating a 30 minute Tall Tale Radio podcast devoted to some lucky cartoonist who takes advantage of that offer.

All money donated goes to supporting me and my efforts to improve and run the blog. As I mentioned in my earlier post – I’m going to be investing considerable amounts of time this year. I hope you’ll support me.

If you’re would like to help in addition (or the place of) a donation, there are several things you can do. The biggest thing you can do is spread the word through your blog, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or other media channels. Indiegogo has some neat share tools as well that make it all very easy.

Watch here for new announcements. You can also follow me on Twitter or Like The Daily Cartoonist on Facebook.

Thank you,

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#1 Donald Rex Jr.
@ 9:57 pm

Glad to take my tiny nibble Alan! I know all those pros will make the meal! Good luck.

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