South Aussie Minister demands apology over cartoon and gets one

I’ll admit up front, that I wonder if this exchange between South Australian Minister Chloe Fox and The Advertiser Duke Fandango Flamingo is satirical – like an article in The Onion. But here’s the gist of it: The Advertiser ran a cartoon by Jos Valdman after the paper brought to light a high number of paintings and fine art were loaned out to Fox’s office (and other government official’s offices). The cartoon depicts Fox as taking all the great art of Southern Australia leaving the taxpayers nothing to look at in the galleries. Fox says it depicted her as a thief and she wants to make is clear, “I am not a thief. I am a politician” – which in some countries isn’t the strongest of arguments. I’m unfamiliar with Aussie politics.

But in the end, Flamingo does send a letter of apology. The letter exchange between the two is a bit silly if you ask me and probably best if you just read it yourself.