Cul de Sac collection now available for pre-sale

Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac became an instant classic when it was introduced in 2007. When he announced he was retiring the strip in 2012 due to his battle with Parkinson’s Disease, it was was met with sadness by fans and admirers of his work. Luckily it was soon announced that a complete collection was in the works and now, Richard has announced that it will be available in May of 2014. Even better that it will also contain many of Richard’s pre-syndication Cul de Sac watercolored Sundays that ran in The Washington Post.

The collection will cost $50 (currently the pre-order price on Amazon is $34.18 with a price guarantee), runs 656 pages and has an introduction penned by Art Spiegelman.

Richard mentions that along with the release of the book, there will be a “two-man show of original cartoons at Ohio State’s fabulous new $10 trilllion cartoon library.” The other “man” is Bill Watterson, who has not been shy in his admiration of Richard’s work.

4 thoughts on “Cul de Sac collection now available for pre-sale

  1. This is also available at for Canadian orders (to avoid international shipping costs).

  2. We almost had to add another book to the collection just for the wonderful intro by Art Spiegelman. All of Richards annotations are worth buying the book and those sill cartoons are just a bonus!

    The art show will have more that just cartoons from Richard.It will have some of the finest selection of art from Richards career.
    Then there is that “other” guys cartoons to glance at too.

    Road trip anyone?

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