Profiled: Michael de Adder on cartooning in Nova Scotia

The Chronicle Herald profiles Michael de Adder who has two books out de PICTIONS (a collection of his editorial cartoons) and You Might Be from Nova Scotia If… (a book poking fun at people, politics of Nova Scotia).

The best part of the job, de Adder says, is knowing he can affect people, and their thoughts. Being offensive is a matter of degree.

?If I think I?ve gone too far on something sensitive, like race or sexual preference, I hold myself back. But if I think I?m just going to offend a bunch of Liberals or Conservatives, I don?t care,? said the cartoonist, who is occasionally accosted in public.

?I?ve had a person really attack me over a cartoon I?ve drawn about Israel. I?ve had people attack me over unfairly portraying (provincial Liberal Leader) Stephen McNeil. It comes with the territory and it rolls off my back, as long as I can stand by the cartoon and I stand by 99 per cent of my work.