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Road Trip!! Mike Smith celebrates Nevada’s 150th birthday exploring the state

Las Vegas Sun editorial cartoonist Mike Smith and editorial page editor Matt Hufman set off to explore the great state of Nevada to commemorate its 150th birthday. The Sun has a cool web site with their day to day travels and dispatches.

Community Comments

#1 Drew Litton
@ 9:20 am

Awesome idea and usage of local content by a great cartoonist. THIS is why newspapers need cartoonists. To use them more doing things other than just editorial cartoons.

#2 Gerry Mooney
@ 11:54 am

Agree with Drew!

#3 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:35 pm

Jim Borgman and James McCarty did this sort of thing for The Cincinnati Enquirer back in 1986. It was great. They even turned it into a book called “The Mood of America: A Journey Toward Liberty.” They traveled across the country, writing stories and Jim providing sketches along the way.

Like Drew said, great use of a cartoonist for a newspaper.

#4 Frank M Hansen
@ 5:50 pm

Great. I was born and raised in Nevada so this even better for me. Love it and the cartoons of course.

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