Santa vs Dracula to be available on Amazon

Santa vs. Dracula, the graphic novel by Melissa Dejesus (Illustrator) and Ed Power (Author), will soon be available on in October.

From the Amazon description:

VAMPIRE VS ELF! WEREWOLF VS REINDEER! FRANKENSTEIN VS SNOWMAN! When Count Dracula, Igor, Mr. Hyde, and their forces of darkness the North Pole to obtain Ol’ Saint Nick’s ability to gain entrance into any home, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack Frost and all the forces of Christmas are forced to defend their home and their holiday! This is it, naughty vs. nice in an all-out, epic battle of the ageless for the ages! SANTA VS DRACULA! This time…It’s Seasonal!

Melissa and Ed used to draw the My Cage comic for King Features (now in re-runs on GoComics)

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