How do cartoonists respond to 9/11 Anniversary?

My Facebook wall is full of editorial cartoons this morning on the topic of 9/11. I’m seeing two approaches to the 12th anniversary. Cartoonists are sticking to the sentimental or they’re pointing out how it’s changed America.

An example of the sentimental by Jeff Koterba:

An example of what’s changed by Pat Bagley:

If you want a good view of the various cartoons running today, head over to

3 thoughts on “How do cartoonists respond to 9/11 Anniversary?

  1. When Joe Staton and I took over DICK TRACY, we decided 9/11 would always observed in the strip. Why?

    Our first observance of 9/11 was the tenth anniversary, a Sunday. We had Tracy, Sam, Lizz and the Chief remembering friends they lost on that day.

    If Dick Tracy was real he would have lost friends in the towers.

    Mike Curtis

  2. For economy of line, for getting right to the point, and for a style unlike anybody else’s, Pat Bagley tops my list of cartoonists I want to be like when I grow up.

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