The Onion: political cartoonist struggles to convey senator’s money bag

Only from The Onion:

CHICAGO – Admitting that he has completely run out of ideas at this point, local political cartoonist Lawrence Cleary told reporters Monday that he is unsure how to convey that a large sack being clutched by a U.S. senator in his latest drawing is full of money. “In order for this one to work, the reader has to know that it’s a big bag of cash the senator’s holding, but how can I possibly get that idea across? ” the Chicago Tribune satirist told reporters, referring to the as-yet-unfinished black-and-white sketch, which features an unnamed politician carrying the bulging, unmarked sack while strolling out of a building marked “Middle Class Savings & Loan,” underneath the caption “Politics As Usual…”

Fictitious story, but The Onion used a real newspaper with a house cartoonist. Editorial Cartoonist Scott Stantis shoes The Onion how he’d draw a money bag. (Link goes to Facebook)