Stan Lynde passes at age 81 of cancer

It was less than a year ago that I noted that Stan Lynde, creator of Rick O’Shay and Latigo was leaving Montana to retire in Equador. According to an article in the Montana Standard, Stan did make it to Equador, but was diagnosed with cancer. He passed yesterday.

From the Montana Standard:

When Lynde grew ill in Ecuador, he drew comparisons in his blog between his life and a series of paintings by his hero Charlie Russell: “Just a Little Sunshine,” “Just a Little Rain,” “Just a Little Pleasure” and “Just a Little Pain.”

It “is a metaphor for everyone’s life journey,” Lynde wrote. “Mine has been a very good journey indeed. May yours contain an abundance of sunshine and pleasure, and only such rain and pain as you may need to provide you with the perfect, balanced life … Hasta luego!”

7 thoughts on “Stan Lynde passes at age 81 of cancer

  1. I corresponded with Stan Lynde when I was in high school. He was always very generous with his advice (and artwork).I’ve had a couple of his originals on my studio wall for years. Even his lettering was a treat to look at.

  2. Loved reading Latigo in high school. Stan had a unique gift for expressing sensitivity towards nature and God’s wonderful creation. I used to love drawing his characters…especially Cole’s spectacular jaw line!

  3. Stan was a class act all the way. Loved his work on Rick O’Shay when I was a kid. elegant style, clean lines, great work. It was a pleasure to be able to see it every Sunday.

  4. with his passing, there is an emptiness in the universe.. a giant vaccuum. i miss his work, his creations, and the man.

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