Jeff Darcy keeps his job at Plain Dealer

A recent post by Jim Romenesko regarding impending layoffs at the Cleveland Plain Dealer raised concerns that editorial cartoonist Jeff Darcy might be one of the unfortunate staffers. I have good news to report. Jeff tells me his job is secure and that they will actually be printing his work larger.

He writes:

My work will not only continue to appear in print, but starting next Wednesday will be part of an expanded Forum section in which the cartoons
will run double the size they are now, and in full color.

In addition to print, my work continues on where in addition to the cartoon I’ve been posting written commentary under the cartoon
of varying length depending on the topic.

4 thoughts on “Jeff Darcy keeps his job at Plain Dealer

  1. I’m happy for Jeff D., but it’s such a shame that Derf’s “The City” was cut. A brilliant strip by a local cartoonist — such a loss for our city’s paper.

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