Watch the full Team Cul de Sac SDCC panel

7 thoughts on “Watch the full Team Cul de Sac SDCC panel

  1. Tom,thanks for moderating the panel for us. We had such a nice group representing everyone for TCDS in this panel.
    One thing is for certain, we are all fanboys of Richards!

  2. I wish we’d had another two hours on this. Call me up and I’m happy to talk about Richard Thompson any time of day.

  3. I’ve not seen the book but paused over the art and unless I’m mistaken, Mark’s contribution takes a shot at both B.C. and DUSTIN.

  4. Mike,
    I can’t speak for Mark but I think Mark was having fun. Like everyone in the book. We are just supporting Richard with love and art and trying to raise awareness/Money with a few funny cartoons.

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