Jen Sorensen wins Robert F. Kennedy Award

An Open Letter To The Supreme Court About Health Insurance

This year’s Robert F. Kennedy Book Award for editorial cartooning went to Jen Sorensen for her cartoon “An Open Letter To The Supreme Court About Health Insurance.” Click the image above to go read the full comic. It is very well done and deserving of this honor.

The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards recognizes outstanding reporting dedicated to human rights and social justice.

10 thoughts on “Jen Sorensen wins Robert F. Kennedy Award

  1. As a famous Captain Renault once remarked, “I’m shocked, shocked that a strip by a leftist/liberal that argues that the Supreme Court should uphold the Rube-Goldberg bureaucratic mess that is Obamacre won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Book Award! Shocked, I tell you!”

    Just having fun, Jen. Congratulations on a fine effort.

  2. All I know is I paid $35,000 for an appendix that went bad 15 years ago. My Canadian friend paid $0.00 for the same surgery.

    If a Rube Goldberg device can save me $35,000, I don’t care if it’s a toaster attached to an outboard motor on top of sewing machine – I just want to save $35,000.

  3. Congratulations Jen!! I remember that toon when it ran and what a powerful statement it made. As one of two freelance breadwinners in the family (and there aren’t any other bread winners in the family) you can imagine how much fun it is to sit down with the bills every month and “invent a budget” 🙂 everyone is being squeezed these days but freelancers get squeezed on a whole different level.

  4. Thanks, everyone! As for Rube Goldberg devices, I can’t think of *anything* that exemplifies them better than our current bloated, private insurer-controlled medical bureaucracy. (Sorry, Carl, couldn’t resist! But I appreciate the congrats.)

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