Jessica Abel on living in France

After reading about Jan Eliot’s three months living in South Africa, I found this interesting post by cartoonist Jessica Abel about her experience living in France for the last year:

The short version: we are here in France, we plan to stay longer, and we are happy to be here, but not so happy that we?ve been able to put into practice that very wise Buddhist teaching to live in the moment: we?re constantly thinking about what comes next, and constantly assessing and comparing what we?ve got now.

The long version is really really long, and frankly, it?s way too early to tell how this will all play out over time. Life doesn?t perfect itself just because you?re in a new country that has much much better cheese. There are tradeoffs. Mexican food for example.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

One thought on “Jessica Abel on living in France

  1. GREAT find – fascinating contrasts between small town French life and Brooklyn from a cartoonist’s perspective – thanks for sharing this one, Alan!

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