New York Post’s Sean Delonas takes buy out

Sean Delonas cartoon
The New York Observer reports that New York Post editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas has taken a buy out.

From the Observer:

“Almost 23 years ago, I took a temporary 3 month job cartooning for The New York Post. Nearly 6,000 cartoons later, I’ve drawn my last cartoon for the paper. I’ve accepted a buyout,” Mr. Delonas posted on his Facebook page. “I’d like to thank all my colleagues for the great memories. I have nothing but gratitude for Mr. Murdoch and the Post. I believe the paper has a bright future and I look forward to reading it for many years to come.”

7 thoughts on “New York Post’s Sean Delonas takes buy out

  1. I don’t know this man, a fellow cartoonist, but after 23 years he just lost his job and the news is met w/ “good riddance” for no other reason than his opinion is different.

    Sad but not unexpected commentary.

  2. Why is someone posting their opinion on this opinion forum?


    My opinion is that being bought out is preferable to being fired, and Mr. Delonas seems okay with his lot; print cartoons are dinosaurs shuffling into the past.

  3. Ultimately the bigger story is what’s going to happen to that cartoon space? Is it gone for good, will syndicated toons fill it or (do I even bother finishing this sentence?) will a new local cartoonist be hired? It’s a shame because during all the years of these newspaper purges of staff cartoonists the three remaining New York papers all kept their own cartoonists. Is that about to end now?

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