Video: Jason Chatfield’s opening act at the Reuben Awards

I’ve noticed a trend. Attendees of the Reuben Awards are awesome at sharing photos of all the goings on, but are sharing them through Facebook – some of which aren’t publicly available. But a few are being posted on open blogs. Be sure to check out Mike Lynch’s blog with photos including the drawings on the bathroom wall of the Toonseum.

Jason Chatfield, who was the MC at this year’s Reuben Awards, has video of the opening monologue (see below):

He does a cool thing where he draws on a easel board and then with some projector magic, it becomes animated. You can’t see that well in the video above, but you can see it action below:

7 thoughts on “Video: Jason Chatfield’s opening act at the Reuben Awards

  1. Nice. When do they announce where the next one will be held? I’m hoping somewhere in California.

  2. Thanks, Tom! Oh, and by the way, it’s great to see a cartoonist who keeps himself in shape. I’ll bet you must bench about, what….Rhode Island?

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