Autographed Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Team Cul de Sac up for grabs

Signed Complete Calvin and Hobbes

So you couldn’t afford an original Bill Watterson oil painting of Cul de Sac character Petey, or any of the two original strips that went to auction earlier this year. But maybe you can afford to buy one of five autographed Complete Calvin and Hobbes by Watterson or maybe even one of the five Watterson autographed Team Cul de Sac books.

Chris Sparks announced that Watterson has agreed to provide the autographed books to be sold and or auctioned off at Heroescon and other comic conventions this year. Proceeds to go to the Michael J Fox Foundation.

Correction: The original post had a photo of the original complete collection box set. The set that Watterson is signing is the newer paperback collection. Photo has been updated to reflect this news.