Serge Chapleau wins National Newspaper Awards for cartooning

Serge Chapleau carton

We’re still in award season. To our north, the National Newspaper Awards have been announced. This year’s winner in editorial cartooning is Serge Chapleau of Montreal La Presse.

Runners-up include Andy Donato of the Toronto Sun and Brian Gable of the Globe and Mail.

One thought on “Serge Chapleau wins National Newspaper Awards for cartooning

  1. Congratulations to Serge! I had the great pleasure of hanging out with him last summer and touring his amazing studio, during the ACEC convention. His talent and pioneering in the field of motion capture animation is outstanding (plus, he knows the best bars and restaurants in Montreal). Congratulations also to good friends Andy Donato and Brian Gable. I’ve always been impressed with the amount of talent among our Canadian brethren. And, they’re a terrific group of people.

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