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Chinese version of Iron Man 3 gives props to milk to get past Chinese censors

The Washington Post writes about the changes film studios will make to their films in order to get them past Chinese government censors so they can be released in the communist country. Iron Man 3 featured “odd and, at times outright nonsensical” footage of product placement of a milk based drink from China?s Inner Mongolia. Also inserted without any context was a scene featuring a Chinese official.

From the Washington Post’s William Wan:

U.S. producers often spin such tweaks as an attempt to appeal to Chinese viewers. But experts say their more crucial target is the Chinese government?s 37-member censorship board, which each year approves just 34 foreign films for Chinese screens and reviews all their content. With China becoming the world?s second-largest box office market last year, failing to make that list can mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

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